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Kalliope founder Liam McAuliffe, holds a Masters degree from Harvard Divinity School where he studied ritual theory, and was Editor-in-Chief of “Wick,” the Harvard Divinity School Literary Journal.  He is currently pursuing a Masters in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

In Greek mythology Kalliope is the muse who presides over eloquence and epic poetry. She's been called on for guidance and inspiration by history's greatest poets, from Homer to Dante. Who better to invoke as we craft the words for your special day. u


It struck Liam, that though professionals are counted on to perfect every detail of a wedding, there's a stubborn belief that fiances  must either rely on impersonal vows that don’t resonate with their own experiences and worldviews, or come up with the perfect words at the heart of their ceremonies without any help. This task can be especially difficult for vows that consecrate non-traditional partnerships, which we take special pride in crafting. 

Since that first mad dash to the finish line, Liam has refined the process of writing vows, speeches, and ceremonies into an enjoyable, moving, and stress relieving experience.




Liam wrote his first wedding vows for his sister and brother-in-law only hours before their ceremony. The couple had meant to create their own vows weeks earlier, but it proved the most difficult part of the entire planning process, so they kept putting it off. On the day of the wedding, as his sister had her dress fitted, Liam jotted down her answers to questions on paper torn from the cabin’s guest book and crafted them into a vow. Then he ran down the street to do the same for the groom.  The vows went over so well that afterwards friends requested copies of the vows as inspiration for their own future weddings. This experience revealed how difficult it can be for couples to distill the depth of their love and commitment into a few hundred words. And Liam discovered the rewards of helping to sculpt the raw material of relationship into an eloquent ritual that moves an audience to emotionally participate in their bond.

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Each piece of writing is uniquely curated from your own memories, values, visions, and voices. During this process clients are often surprised by the depth, beauty, and humor at the core of their relationships. It’s common for the writing process to strenghten and confirm a couple's commitment. This can be especially powerful during the hectic times leading up to the big day.

Realizing the profound value in the collaborative writing process, what began for Liam as a service to fill a void has become a passion project. 

He’s honored to be of service.